Testimonials From Doula Clients


" Having a Doula was the best decision I made with my second birth and Staci was amazing. She gave me the reassurance and peace of mind I needed to make it such a wonderful experience.

I didn’t have a pleasant birth experience with my first child and wanted to make sure I had the birth I wanted for my second. Staci was there every step of the way with a fantastic supply of advice, knowledge and support. My labour was very hard and quick and Staci made it such a beautiful experience for me by making sure all the things I wanted were in place and guided me through it. whenever I needed something Staci seemed to know intuitively and was there for me from a sip of drink to massaging my lower back for pain relief. I am not sure how I would have got through it without her as the midwife didn’t arrive until the heads was almost out! I would highly recommend Staci she is such a warm and caring person with all the knowledge and skill to give you a wonderful birthing experience. " H


I just want to give a massive high five to the best doula in the world ever! Staci Doula Sylvan you are awesome! I highly recommend everyone hires a doula for their birth and post natal period. We had the most amazing birth (planned vaginal breech birth at Glangwili hospital) and are loving our first weeks together - all possible because of Staci. She recognised my little man's tongue-tie, has helped us successfully breastfeed exclusively, is a kind and honest counsellor when things get tough, and has looked after me, my husband and our two boys brilliantly. Our kids adore her, as do we. Thank you for everything you've done for us. Leann


Staci was our Doula for the birth of our first daughter. We never expected to be in this position due to fertility issues so to have someone as kind and caring as well as knowledgeable involved in our pregnancy was important to us as a couple. Staci was never over bearing with her own personnal beliefs she just helped us make very informed choices along the way and also at the birth. Knowing she was there helped me relax and knowing she was there to help my hubby really helped me to focus and enjoy the task at hand. We had a long labour which she stayed with us throughout so that constant comfort was always there. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life and my hubbys and a lot of that is because she was there to help us achieve it. I never heard of Doula’s before my pregnancy but I would highly recommend Staci and I hope I get the chance to do it all again with her by my side!! Keri


Massive thank you Staci for being a fantastic postnatal Doula. You have really helped over the past 8 weeks.

Phyiscally; with your help around the house, Emotionaly; thanks for listening and all your advice, and Spiritually: your encouragement, support and understanding. Sad to say goodbye after your final session, but nice to think you are moving on to another little one... thanks again - wonderful xxx lots of love from Fenella and lIttle Harry



"Staci was my doula when I was pregnant with my second baby last year. I almost didn't hire a doula, as my husband wasn't convinced we need one. But I can't even put into words what a difference she made to our family. She was a huge support through the pregnancy, but the difference she made really was when I was 'overdue'. Without her, I would almost certainly have accepted the doctor's interventions, as I was unaware of my rights.

She helped me educate myself and my husband, pointed us in the direction of resources we needed to arm ourselves for the fight we had on our hands to bring our baby onto the world in the way we wanted. She was amazing during the birth, and came to see us after. I now have no doubt in my mind that if I were to be blessed enough to become pregnant again, I would want her by my side through the pregnancy and birth" Amber



Staci is one of the kindest people I have ever come across, she has a good heart and truly wants the best for everyone around her which includes her clients. I feel like we've developed a connection, a friendship that is very special. Her passion for women and birth radiates in everything she does, she was always willing to learn which was demonstrated in her willingness to research the gentle section. Staci has her own views but never were they inflicted on me. I could speak openly about every aspect of my pregnancy with her without ever being judged, she made sure that I was getting what I wanted out of my birth experience. When things didn't go to plan I felt like I had let her down, but as soon as I saw her after my section I knew this wasn't true. She looked like my own mother, so proud of me.



Staci was my doula for the birth of my second baby. The birth of my first hadn't gone totally to plan and wasn't a very nice experience, and I was quite scared and apprehensive when my due date was getting closer and closer. Staci managed to help me conquer these fears, and help me realise the potential of my mind and body to have a wonderful fearless birth, which is exactly what happened! My little girls arrival into the world was a fantastic empowering experience, and Staci's kind but strong presence was definitely key to making it such a wonderful event. She was also very kind and supportive during the first couple of weeks when sleeplessness and baby blues hit me hard. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Staci to any pregnant ladies out there, she is one of the nicest people I know



I can't thank Staci enough for being my doula. She was so caring and knowledgable throughout - from meeting up before hand right through until after my son was born.I'd definitely recommend having Staci around, not only did she make me feel at ease throughout labour but having her with us helped my husband relax too.

Staci helped me communicate with health professionals, and really helped me with breastfeeding as i'd struggled previously - for this I am eternally grateful (couldn't have done it without her).

Staci is such a genuine, caring person and if I have more children I hope I'm lucky enough to have her around again.

Thanks for everything Staci you're a true gem!

Laura & Scott