• Birthing your way

    Its a quick Blog, my kids are busy playing next door and my hubby is in the bath so for once my house is quiet! I have sometime to reflect on the birth i attended on tuesday. It was incredible, a first time mum who by midwife dates was 43 weeks, she planned a yurt water birth and it was perfect, the total labour was 3 hours, the baby arrived healthy and wonderful before the midwives did. I have had a lot of people as me this week 'how come it was so easy for her?' or 'what did she do to birth so effortlessly'.

    I truely have no answers for this! its does seem unfair when i think of some of my clients and how hard and long they worked at to birth their babies. This couple in particular seem to have visualised and then manifested the birth they wanted. When i first met them the Dad said, ' well what i would really like is no one else there and me to catch the baby' this is what happened!!! He also said to me after that although they never planned an unassisted birth that having no one there mean they felt uninhibited to get into the place they needed to birth.

    This has lead to thinking about how important it is to birth your own way, to write your own story of birth before hand, to trust your body and your partner.

    Once again i am humbled by my role as a doula, left in awe of the beauty and power that is birth and left witha sense of peace because i had been part of an undisturbed birth.


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