I have been doulaing for births since 2005 and did my training with Doula UK in 2011. I now offer three different birth packages


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Simple Birth Doula Package £800


This package is for you if you are on a low income and need to either pay a reduced rate or offer a work exchange (so far I have swapped driving lessons, web design and carpentry!)


This package may also suit you if you have had a straight forward first birth but would like some support with subsequent births



Extra Care Birth Doula Package £1000


This package is deisgned for couples whose pregnancy is considered high risk, the kind of people who use this may be planning a Vaginal birth after c/s, a gentle C/S or they may have a medical condition such as Diabetes or Epilepsy


Priority Birth Doula Package £1200

With this package I do not book in any other clients for your due month. People who have chosen this package value the option of having me definately at their birth (illness excluding!) they may have suffered losses in the past or value the ceremonys that are offered in this package


I charge 45p p/m for all these services


Antenatal Online course £25 15 units, videos and pdfs


Doula Chat £20 1 hour time to get info plan and reflect