Nurture Positive Birth and Parenting group

This wonderful group has been meeting since 2012, we are a like minded group of mums, mums to be, doulas and other birth practioners. We normally meet on the third Saturday of the month (sometimes we have evening meets for working parents) and have a topic to talk about, there are shared resources such as books and dvds, lots of support and hugs. The group is free but we ask for a donation to cover the cost of the room and all are welcome.


There is a secret facebook group please friend  Staci Doula Sylvan to request to join.


Our next meeting is

May 3rd, 9.15-11.15, Caffi iechy da, Jacksons Lane the Topic is: The fourth trimester

Comments from group members


Its hard to put into words the support i have had since joining the positive birh group and knowing you, We are truly thankfull for all the late night responses and the hugs from strong women, mothers that have beens there before me or at the same time. Staci you are a inspirational woman, a listening ear, a comforting embrace and we are truly lucky to have you in our lives - Gem and Elai


This group is AMAZING I am very thankful for all the support and have much respect for you and what you have acheieved - Kit


Thanks for all your support during pregnancy and since, your advice and support with breastfeeding has been amazing, its so great to know we can chare each others experiences, good and bad in the group - Krista and Sophie


I want to thank you so much for creating an amazing supportive and safe place for everyone. I truly feel like a different person since you came into my life and i know my next pregnancy and birth will be so different Big Love Sam and Bodhi


Thankyou for holding meetings and always holding us - Emily


Thankyou for this group and the strenght and support you give. If it wasnt for you and the ladies i would have never pushed for the birth i so wanted you empowered me - Siriol