Birthing your Way

An inspiring and empowering day of Birth preparation, with Linda Mcdermott who is a pregnancy yoga teacher, our aim is to help you feel empowered and prepared for your labour and the weeks that follow.


Next class date TBC, ( 1 1/2 days  10- 4 £120 per mum/ couple


- What labour feels like/ what is normal birth?

- The importance of Hormones

- Optimal Fetal positioning

- Natural pain relief methods

- Place of Birth

- Affirmations and Birth art

- Water birth/ VBAC/ Breech

- Breathing/ Birth balls/ Yoga

- Making a Birth plan

- Negotiating with HCP

- Partners role

-Breastfeeding/ Bonding/ Babywearing/ Baby moon

Comments from Workshop participants


Hi staci, sorry it's late, just feeding the little one :)) I just wanted to thank you for your time when we came to visit. Although I had decided to give breast feeding a go, it was time with you that made me realise I had no choice( In a good way) When you look at the statistics and fact sheets it's a no Brainer! The first few weeks were really tough but you helped me with the determination to succeed. Thank you for all the information you gave that day it was very beneficial and still think of bits and bobs related to it even now. I recommend you to anyone I speak to who is currently pregnant or is on the path to it as it was so beneficial. You made pregnancy and birth personal for me and prepared me to get more involved.

I feel breastfeeding and your class has helped me focus on my bond with Caerwyn, from the pregnancy to this present day. We now have a wonderful bond and I'm enjoying every moment.  Keep doing what you do as you're great at it and I hope to send some people your way in the future. Thank you for being my support without you even being aware!!

Breast is best ;))) - R


My partner and I recently attended a wonderful day class with Staci & Linda, which we both really enjoyed! I am currently on my second pregnancy and this class was a lovely way to connect with my baby & my partner and also to learn lots of new techniques to help us during labour and beyond. We left feeling confident and empowered. Warm, welcoming atmosphere from the start & lovely ladies - thank you so much for the time and knowledge shared. - Ashlyn


Thank you for today. Absolutely fantastic course that was really helpful in answering our fears and concerns as well as learning lots of different methods for being supported and coping through labour and post natal Katie

Just wanted to thank you and Linda for a great class today!! I learnt so much and found it a great experience. Amy


Yesterday my partner and I attended the birthing your way class with Staci and Linda. We are currently expecting our first baby and Ai have to say this experience has helped us so much, it was not only very informative but helped to facilitate and prompt conversations between myself and my partner that we didn't have the prior foundations for starting these conversations. Staci and Linda created an intimate and safe environment to feel open to ask anything you needed to and to open up without feeling silly. A great balance of factual and scientific mixed with practical techniques and creativity. We are so greatful to you both and only wish we could have had more time. Another few days would have been great!partner really gained a lot of confidence about his role as my birthing partner and I feel I was given sound advice and information about my choices on how to achieve the ideal birth for my baby . A lot of this information is not given when attending NHS ante natal classes so we highly recommend their classes to anyone expecting a little one

A (June 2015)


Fab, thank you. And thank you again for coming today, we really appreciated it and learnt allot, feel so much more confident about the birth now. X

B (Sep 2015)